In the past twenty (20) years we have performed investigations on all kinds of project including delicate historical sites, as well as, project referred to us by and for several financial organizations.

Our services begin in the early planning stages of your project with:

  • Geotechnical feasibility and due diligence studies
  • Geologic and seismic hazard assessments
  • Interactive planning sessions with your planning team

During the design phase of your project, SAS provides:

  • Subsurface geotechnical investigations to characterize geologic and soil conditions
  • Design parameters for foundations
  • Laboratory testing for soil and rock properties
  • Slope stability analysis and seismic ground shaking hazard
  • Remedial earthwork designs to mitigate or eliminategeotechnical constraints
  • Interim remedial earthwork volume calculations for estimating purposes
  • Groundwater investigation, monitoring, sampling/testing, and predictive modeling

During construction phase of your project, SAS provides:

  • Geotechnical observation and testing of site grading. geologic and soil conditions
  • Settlement monitoring, instrumentation, measurements, and analysis.
  • Design modifications in response to new conditions exposed.
  • Grounwater monitoring and testing.
  • Contruction material inspection and testing.
  • Geotechnical mapping and approval of earth work
  • Certification of final building pad.

Some projects require consultation on special geotechnical issues. SAS professionals are best known for our expert work in the areas of:            

  • Seismic hazard analysis
  • Geologic site conditions and hazards evaluation
  • Earthquake site response and ground motion studies
  • Design and construction of slope stabilization  & landslide repairs
  • Analysis of property damage from soil settlement, expansion & creep
  • Geotechnical input to value engineering of large site development projects
  • Observation and testing of large earthwork projects

We have built our business and professional reputation on providing quality service to our clients, and have grown primarily as a result of repeat business and referrals, which indicates the high level of satisfaction experienced by our clients. We are proud of the progress and achievements we have made and are committed to ongoing improvements in and diversification of our capabilities. We welcome your next enterprise as our next project.