SASSAN Geosciences, Inc. (SAS) provides innovative geotechnical solutions for challenging sites through detailed geological investigation, creative engineering design, and cost-effective construction of remedial measures.    

   Our services have been applied to private and public land development and construction sites for 20 years. Our projects include more than 3,400 site investigations involving residential, commercial and public properties, and countless studies for special structures with difficult sitting problems.

    SAS has provided award-winning engineering solutions to clients. SAS was founded on April 15, 1987, to offer the highest quality and widest range of geotechnical, materials, and engineering geology services to developers, homeowners, design professionals and contractors, as well as insurance and financial firms throughout California. Both state and local governments, as well, have accessed our services. We offer a complete range of engineering and inspection services. Our testing laboratory is complete with state-of-the-art equipment for the sampling and analysis of soils, concrete, and masonry.

    We strive to understand and accommodate the needs and requirements of all parties involved in a project. Creating innovative solutions to problems, combined with our philosophy of providing accurate yet rapid results at a fair and competitive cost, has contributed greatly to our growing reputation. Repeat business is the ultimate test of the quality service which we provide. Our list of clients with multiple projects is extensive and that, in itself, indicates their trust in our capabilities and experience.